Welcome to RBU

Do you have a disabled child? Do you have questions regarding how the future will be, how you´ll manage this new situation and what´s going to happen with your child and the rest of the family? Remember, you´re not alone. Many people have been in this situation before you with the same thoughts and fears as you have right now. You´ll find many of us in RBU, the Swedish National Association for Disabled Children and Young People, which has members and local associations all over the country.

We need each other, both children and parents. In RBU we meet other families in the same situation. We all know “what it´s like”. We don´t have to explain so much, but we will learn from each other, get support and a sense of belonging from sharing the same experience. We, the parents, are happy that we have our children and we share that feeling. Our children with disabilities and their siblings have fun together and so do we parents.

RBU also wants to change the society for the better. With our shared knowledge and experience we fight together for an equal society. We contact and try to influence politicians and spread information about what it´s like to live with a child with a disability. Our knowledge is a very important part of the process of creating a society which welcomes everyone.

RBU's members are families with children who have Cerebral Palsy (CP), ADHD, Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, Brittle bone disease (OI), Muscle diseases, Prader Willi-syndrom (PWS), Dwarfism, Plexus brachialis and Multiple disabilities.

In RBU we are all needed. You are welcome to become a member of RBU if you have a disability, if your child has a disability or if you just want to support our important work for the future.

RBU's vision is: “A fair society and a life of development for children and young people with a disability”. This means that children and young people with disabilities should have a life on equal terms as other children and young people. Nobody should be denied access to parts of society just because they have a disability. Childen and young people are an asset and the differences between individuals should be respected. RBU's main task therefore is to work for a society where children and young people with disabilities are needed, can develop and are allowed to live on the same terms as other children and young people.

If you want to know more, please look on RBU’s homepage www.rbu.se or contact the secretariat of the association (address below).
Riksförbundet för Rörelsehindrade Barn och Ungdomar (RBU)
Box 8026
104 20 Stockholm

Telefone 08-677 73 00

E-mail: info@rbu.se